<Rediscovering Christian Faith – Brian Mclaren> Reflection Paper


Sungmoon Lee


Rev. Brian Mclaren is an evangelical pastor and an author of the book, Everything Must Change. His key question of this lecture is “How can we live as the disciples of Jesus in this post-modern era? How can we affect the world according to Jesus’ mandate, “Spread the Gospel and change the world”. ” It is his remarkable insight that even though the world, outside of the church, has been changing everything each day, the Christianity is still stubborn and doesn’t matter regarding the problems happened in the world. This phrase, “Oh Lord, help us avoid the evil prevalent all of the world and purify us as Your pious Christian.”, is unable the church to react to the world, he mentions.

Why do we, the believers, need to conserve the mechanism which maintains to run the society if the world is evil? He insists that most of all the Christian are unable to do as the light and the salt of the world so that we, Christian, cannot solve problems in the society. The kingdom of God is not in heaven above but on the ground we live. The main reason why we keep the system of the world is that we are the people who live in the world and have the right to regulate and manage it. There is nobody to do the job for us.

Pastor Brian Mclaren makes a point that Jesus taught us how to be and live the disciples through his life; Jesus doesn’t want us to be Christians. So as to live as the disciples, he says, we need time to practice and have to make trials and errors. He gives an example of fasting. At the very first time, He goes through hardships to hold his appetite and impulse to eat something. But he becomes capable of holding anxiety to eat after practicing it. Similarly, he mentions being a disciple requires practice.

However, being disciples is like one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is to be an apostle. If the people who become a disciple to learn what Jesus taught and lived, we can say that being apostles is to spread what they learned. We cannot transform the world if we become disciples.


It is valuable to reflect the basis of faith and to complement believer’s life. When it comes to casting a question regarding the fundamental problems to believers, he makes a point appropriately. However, It might be easy to bring up “Why” question because most of all people would feel and recognize that the Christian community has some problems. As studying the theology of a major in the university, we should consider “How” problem and need to set a standard of behavior to the believers.