ESL Podcast 1210

<Small Town Charm>


Alisha: Hey, you’re back from your vacation. Where did you go? New York City? Miami? 

Ramon: I decided to spend my vacation in Maddieville. 

Alisha: Where is Maddieville? I’ve never heard of it. 

Ramon: It’s a small town about a six-hour drive from here. I read about it being a throwback to the days of small shops and friendly neighbors, with a charming old-fashioned main street. It was really nice. 

Alisha: I’m not sure I’d want to travel back in time. It doesn’t sound very exciting. 

Ramon: It wasn’t as lively as some places I could have gone, but I enjoyed the quaint shops, the unpretentious people, and the genuine friendliness. 

Alisha: What did you do for an entire week? 

Ramon: I perused the shops, ate at the family- owned restaurants, and learned about the quirky history of the town by shooting the breeze with the old- timers at the local bar. 

Alisha: To each his own, but that sounds like dullsville to me. 

Ramon: Then I guess you wouldn’t want to go back with me this summer for their wine festival. 

Alisha: Did you say wine? Maybe I shouldn’t dismiss small town charm quite so quickly. 



throwback: 뒤돌리기

charming: 매력적인

old-fashioned: 옛날식의

quaint: 예스럽고 아취가 있는

unpretentious: 겉은 꾸미지 않은, 수수한

genuine: 진짜의

friendliness: 친절, 호의

peruse: ~을 통독하다, 음미하다

quirky: 특이한

shoot the breeze: 잡담하다

dullsville: 몹시 지루한 곳, 지루한 일

dismiss: 무시하다