<US sends bomber, steps up vigilance against NK>

The US Air Force on Wednesday deployed its B-1B strategic bomber from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, to South Korea, in a move seen as a show of force against belligerent North Korea and a demonstration of the Seoul-Washington alliance.

According to the US Forces Korea, two B-1B Lancers flew over South Korea’s airspace and one landed in Osan Air Base. 

“The bond between the United States and the Republic of Korea is ironclad and the strength of that commitment will not be shaken by North Korea’s aggressive behavior,” said Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Bergeson, the 7th Air Force commander, adding that the Lancers are “just (a) tool we have to choose from a wide array of options.”

The B-1B, nicknamed “The Bone” in the US military, is a four-engine supersonic variable-sweep wing, jet-powered heavy supersonic strategic bomber with Mach 2 speed. 

Originally developed for nuclear capacities, the bomber was converted to its exclusively conventional combat role in the mid-1990s. Its payload includes the AGM-158 Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile and GPS-guided bombs such as the GBU-38. 

Wednesday’s landing marks the second time in little over a week that the Lancer flew over South Korea. It was reported that the US military had mulled sending the more advanced B-2 bomber, in light of growing threats from North Korea.

Pyongyang on Tuesday claimed that it successfully conducted a ground test of a new rocket engine that is assessed to have an upgrade in thrust capacity compared to the one used in a long-range rocket launch in February.  

US Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, nominated for the job of the US strategic commander, said that if the communist country’s claims are confirmed, it could represent a missile threat to the US mainland.

“If it has that capability, it has the capability to reach the United States. So I’m very concerned about that,” he said during his confirmation hearing at the Senate.

Hyten added that while Russia and China are the two biggest threats to the US, “the most likely threats and the most concerning” are North Korea and Iran, given the North’s unpredictability.

The incoming commander said the US should do more in terms of missile defense. 

Seoul and Washington recently agreed to dispatch the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system here, a move that sparked controversy locally and prompted complaints from the Chinese who said it would be “infringing strategic interests.”

But the North’s nuclear and missile threats moved up another notch in light of Tuesday’s rocket engine test and its fifth nuclear test on Sept. 9. 

The test, representing yet another violation of a UN Security Council resolution, was swiftly slammed by China, Pyongyang’s sole major trading partner who has been urging the allies to resume dialogue with the reclusive country.




strategic: 전략적인

belligerent: 호전적인

demonstration: 논쟁

bond(alliance): 연맹

ironclad: 철갑의

aggressive: 적극적인, 호전적인

array: 배열, 정렬

array of options: 선택지들

mach: 마하수, 속도의 단위

exclusively: 배타적으로, 독점적으로

mull: 심사숙고하다



ESL Podcast 1243

<Getting an Anesthetic>

Nurse: I’m here to prep you for your procedure. Did the doctor already talk to you about the general anesthetic you’ll be getting? 

Bruce: I don’t need a general anesthetic. I want to be conscious during the procedure. 

Nurse: You’ll be inhaling a general anesthetic and getting an intravenous muscle relaxant. That’s standard for this procedure. 

Bruce: I’m not a wimp. Tell the doctor all I need is a local anesthetic to numb the area. 

Nurse: You’ll need something stronger. You don’t want to feel any sensation or pain during the procedure. 

Bruce: I’m not afraid of a little pain. Bring it on! 

Nurse: Anyway, the general anesthetic will wear off soon after the procedure. However, the doctor will keep you under sedation for the rest of the day so you can rest. 

Bruce: Forget it. When it’s done, I’m going home. I’m not staying here overnight. 

Nurse: That’s not advisable. You need to remain under observation for 24 hours. 

Bruce: That’s for other people. I’m tough. I’ll be up and ready to go. What’s that needle for? 

Nurse: It’s to give you a shot before your procedure. 

Bruce: [whimpers] I don’t like needles. Get that away from me! 




prep: 준비하다

procedure: 수술

general anesthetic: 전신마취

conscious: 의식의

inhale: 들이마시다

intravenous: 정맥주사의

standard: 표준

wimp: 겁쟁이, 약한 사람

local anesthetic: 부분마취

numb: 감각이 없는

sensation: 느낌, 감각

Bring it on!: 덤벼봐

sedation: 진정제, 진정상태

advisable: 권할만한

observation: 관찰