The New York Times

< Explosion on St. Petersburg Metro kills 11 as Putin visits City>

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia It was 2:40 p.m. on Monday,

a lull before the evening rush hour in Russia’s second-largest city, St. Petersburg, where the subway normally carries two million people a day. The train had just entered a tunnel between stations, on its way out of a sprawling downtown hub, when the bomb exploded.


The homemade device, filled with shrapnel, tore through the third car, killing 11 people; wounding more than 40, including children; and spreading bloody mayhem as the train limped into the Technology Institute station.


Videos circulating on social media showed long red streaks across the white floor as the injured were dragged from the car.

With the doors damaged, some people smashed through the windows to get out.

“What a nightmare!” somebody yelled amid piercing screams.


lull: 잠잠한 시기, 소강상태

rush hour: 혼잡 시간대, 러시아워

sprawling: 제멋대로 뻗어 나가는

shrapnel: 파편

mayhem: 대혼란, 아수라장

circulating: 순환하는, 유포되는

streak: 기다란 자국

drag: 끌다, 끌고 가다

nightmare: 악몽

amid: 가운데()

piercing: 날카로운, 꿰뚫는


<Using an on-site daycare>

Francesca: Hey, don’t we have a meeting at 1:30?


Jorge: We do. Sorry I’m late. I popped over to see how my kids are doing in the new on-site daycare.


Francesca: I didn’t even know we had an on-site daycare.


Jorge: It’s something new the company is offering to working parents. It’s a big perk and it’s great not having to drop off and pick up my kids from a separate daycare every day.


Francesca: That’s nice.


Jorge: It’s really helped with the transition back to work from maternity and paternity leave. Finding the right childcare was turning out to be a big problem.


Francesca: We really missed you when you were away.


Jorge: Thanks. I’m also less distracted. I have peace of mind knowing the kids are here in the same building and I can check on them anytime. It’s better for productivity.


Francesca: That’s good. Now should we get started with our meeting?


Jorge: Okay, but let’s keep it short. I want to check on the kids again in about 10 minutes.


Francesca: How many times have you checked on them already?


Jorge: Four times.


Francesca: Just today?


Jorge: Just in the past hour.



to pop over to go to a place or visit someone quickly, informally, and

unexpectedly without an appointment or agreement to do so(갑작스레 잠깐 들리다)

on-site daycare a facility and service that takes care of employees’ children while the employees are working(탁아 서비스, 현장 보육 시설)

working parent a mother or father who has a job outside of the home and needs to leave his or her children with someone else while he or she is working(일을 하는 아버지나 어머니)

perk a special benefit or right that one receives in addition to what one is paid for working(급료 이외의 특전, 부수입)

to drop off to leave a person or thing at a particular place; to provide transportation to another person; to deliver something(~을 맡기다, 바래다주다)

to pick up to retrieve someone from a particular place; to meet someone and give him or her a ride in one’s car(~을 찾아오다, 차에 태워주다)

transition a period of change or adaptation to a new situation(과도기, 전환)

maternity leave the period of time when a woman is allowed not to work so she can stay at home with her newborn baby(여성의 출산/육아 휴가)

paternity leave the period of time when a man does is allowed not work so he

can stay at home with his newborn baby(남자의 출산/육아 휴가)

childcare arrangements made for someone to take care of one’s child, either by having an individual coming into one’s home or by taking the child to another home or facility(탁아소 등에서의 보육, 육아)

distracted not focused; not able to think clearly on a particular topic because one is thinking about other things(산만해진, 싱숭생숭하다)

peace of mind calmness; the relaxing feeling of not being worried or frightened(마음의 평안)

to check on (someone) to quickly see how someone is doing; to see someone for a very short period of time just to make sure he or she is okay(이상이 없는지 잠깐 살펴보다, 잠깐 확인하다)

productivity the amount of work that a person or department can complete in a given period of time with a certain amount of resources(생산성, 생산력)

to keep (something) short to do something quickly or to end it early so that it does not last very long, usually because one has something else to do afterward(짧게 하다)