<Inconsiderate Subway/Train Passangers>

Amanda: I love the subway.


Felix: I do, too, but it really annoys me when people hog more than one seat, like that guy over there.


Amanda: Yeah, and I hate it when you’re trying to get on the train and the passengers who are blocking the doors won’t move out of the way.


Felix: Oh, even worse is when you’re trying to get off the train and people who want to get on won’t wait until you get off.


Amanda: That’s totally annoying!


Felix: Even worse is when the train is full and people squeeze to get on when there’s no more room!


Amanda: So true! I also hate it when people fall asleep and start invading my space. Last week, a guy fell asleep next to me and dropped into my lap. Gross!


Felix: What about when you’re holding onto a pole and somebody’s hand bumps yours and they don’t move away? That’s really annoying.


Amanda: Oh look, there’s a pregnant woman on the other end of the train and those guys aren’t giving up their seats for her. What jerks!


Felix: Yeah, what jerks! At least we don’t have any singers, dancers, or loud entertainers on this train. I hate it when they start performing.


Amanda: Actually, I kind of like it when people perform. It helps to pass the time.


Felix: Yeah, now that I think about it, I guess I do, too. I love the subway.


Amanda: Me, too.


subway an underground train used to move people around and through large cities(지하철)

to annoy to bother or irritate; to make someone frustrated or a little bit angry(짜증나게 하다, 약 오르게 하다)

to hog to use all of something and not let others have it, especially to use more than one should; to not share(독차지하다, 욕심을 부리다)

passenger a person who is being transported in a car, bus, train, boat, airplane, or another vehicle, but is not driving it(승객)

to block to be in the way and not let someone have access to something; to not let someone have or do something(막다, 봉쇄하다)

out of the way making space for someone or something else(방해가 안 되도록 비키다, 공간을 만들다)

to squeeze to try to put a large amount of something or a large number of people into a small space, with little or no extra room(쥐어짜다, 꽉꽉 눌러 담다)

room available or empty space; unused space(공간, )

to invade (one’s) space to stand very close to another person so that he or she feels crowded and uncomfortable(개인/사적 공간에 침입하다, 불편을 느낄 만큼 가까이 서있는 것)

lap the top of one’s legs and the flat area made between one’s knees and hips when one is sitting down(무릎)

gross yucky; disgusting; dirty and unpleasant, making one feel uncomfortable or sick(징그러운)

pole a tall, vertical post or cylinder, usually extending from the floor to the ceiling to provide support(장대, 막대기)

to bump to move and accidentally touch something else; for two objects to hit each other gently(부딪히다, 박다)

pregnant expecting a baby; with a baby growing inside a woman’s body(임신)

to give up (one’s) seat to stand up so that another person can use one’s seat or chair, especially when offering it to a pregnant woman, an older person, or a disabled person on a bus or train(자리를 양보하다)

entertainer someone who provides enjoyment or amusement for other people, especially a singer, dancer, musician, or comedian(연예인, 광대)

to pass the time to spend time doing something so that one does not feel bored; to do something that is not meaningful or purposeful, but that is pleasant and enjoyable(시간을 보내다, 심심풀이로 시간을 보내다)