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49 american education (29)
6568 2011-09-26
>>> just outside our manhattan studios where this week we at nbc news are focusing the spotlight on one of the country's most important conversations, our children's education. we call it education nation, a ...
48 9/22 단어 [7] (1)
6920 2011-09-22
Spotlight 각광, 주목 하다. Steps 단계, 점점 다가가다 Annual 매년 Revolution 혁명 Controversial 논쟁의 여지가 있는 Expire 만기하다 ...
47 CNN STUDENT NEWS 9/21 movie [2] (26)
9294 2011-09-22
U.N. Welcomes Libya`s New Leadership; The End of DADT Aired September 21, 2011 - 04:00:00 ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. CA...
46 쉐마 영어 작문 댓글 달기 참여합시다! [1]
7191 2011-09-22
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j81QJfjZiBk 반기문 사무총장 수락연설 작문을 통해서 그날 그날 쉐마에서 배운 단어에 관심을 가지는 것과 동시에 그 단어를 내 삶과 연관하여 자기의 것으로 만들 수 있습니다. 하루 동안 다루게 되는 30...
45 9/21 단어 [3]
6518 2011-09-21
viper 독사 dart 던지는 화살 venomous 유독한 serpent 큰 뱀 wail 울부짖다 slay 살해하다 howl 멀지서 짖다 straggler 부랑자 envoy 외교사절 afflict 괴롭히다 winning 승리, 성공, 상금 dogleg 지그재그로 나아가다, 개의 뒷다리처...
44 bringing jobs home (26)
7078 2011-09-21
>>> we have a story for you tonight on the jobs front at a time when a lot of americans have wondered where they have all gone, and a lot of them have gone overseas. tonight's story is about a man who ...
43 9/20 단어 [1]
6553 2011-09-20
Assyrian 앗시리아인 yoke 멍에 thwart 방해하다 Jake of all trades 팔방미인 conditioned reflex 조건반사 Automatic nervous system 자율신경계 extral stimulus 외부자극 copycat 모방 corporal punishment 체벌 =physical punishmen...
42 airplane disaster
5827 2011-09-20
>>> popular month for air shows in this country. thousands are drawn to the spectacle of high flight, high speed and daring acrobatics. but twice this weekend in nevada and west virginia those aerial thrills ...
41 9/19(월)단어 file [2]
6420 2011-09-19
Babylon 바벨론 swampland 소택지 broom 비, 브러시 v.비로 쓸다 discreetly 신중하게 dab 가볍게 두드리다 wrap up 물건을 싸다 stooge 꼭두각시 malevolent 악의적인 glee 큰 기쁨 as somebody put it somebody가 말했듯이 enthral...
40 9/16 테스트, file
5808 2011-09-19
39 9/16(금)단어 file [5]
6864 2011-09-17
astir 떠들썩한 ponder 숙고하다 lie in state (유해가)식장에 안치되다 the slain 죽임을 당한 자 pierced 구멍이 뚫린 the bottomless pit 지옥 underfoot 발바닥에 trample 발을 구르다 medal of honor 명예훈장 ravine 협곡, ...
38 9/15(목)단어 [2]
6272 2011-09-15
summit n. 정상 v.정상회담을 하다 state visit 국빈 방문 forthcoming 곧 다가오는 take office 정권을 잡다 ratification (조약에서의)승인, 인가 anonymity 익명 presidential 대통령의 trade pact 무역협정 =trade accord rather ...
37 9/14 단어 [2]
6212 2011-09-14
9/14 Break into 갑자기~~하다 Gloat 의기양양하다 Astir 움직여, 활동하여 Maggot 구더기 Irksome 괴롭히는, 성가신 Aesthetic 심미적 Nirvana 열반 Windbreaker 바람막이 Cotton 목화, 천 Cuffed jean 칠보바지 Chambray 무명양복 I...
36 GOP
6091 2011-09-14
>>> good evening. it started out as a republican debate last night about politics in florida, and it quickly became about our daughters. texas governor rick perry got in this race late as you may know. he was i...
35 floodwaters
6268 2011-09-09
>>> good evening, well last night, it was los angeles, tonight's washington, last night it was the republicans, tonight it's the republicans, the speech to the joint session of congress, we'll get to all of i...
34 9/8 단어 part III [2] (13)
6969 2011-09-08
funnel 깔때기 magnetometer 탐지기. 자력계 backdrop 배경이되다 setback 퇴보, 경기침체 moderate 온건한, 완화하다. 사회를 보다 moderate along with .. ..와 사회를 보다 consent 동의하다 consenssus합의 entrant 참가자 pack 꾸러...
33 GOP Candidate (18)
6342 2011-09-08
>>> and good evening. from the ronald reagan presidential library here in simi valley, california, we're actually speaking to you just beneath the fuselage of air force one inside the giant air force one pavi...
32 9/7 단어 [1]
6589 2011-09-07
haughty 건방진, 교만한 ruthless 무자비한 ruth 연민, 동정 scarce 드문, 희귀한 tremble 부들부들 떨다, 흔들리다 Ophir 오빌 spin-off 파생효과 cope with 겪다, 대처하다 whip up 채찍질하다, 부추기다 fire crew 소방대원 torc...
31 forest fire (16)
6794 2011-09-07
>>> holiday millions of americans are coping with weather-related disaster. in the southeast it's floodwaters brought on by the pounding rain of tropical storm lee this weekend. that same storm system didn't dro...
30 9/6 단어
5996 2011-09-07
9/6 Swelling 붓기, 부푼 Swallow 삼키다 Tornado 회오리바람 Canal 운하 Complacent 현실에 안주하는 Vernacular 말, 토착어 Provocative 도발적인 Outpost 전초기지 Tropical 열대의 Louisiana 루지애나 Spin-off 파생효과 Spin ...