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Lanco Infratech Ltd's gross revenue (before elimination) as on March 2011 was Rs.11, 265 Corers (USD 2.53 billion). Out of the total Share Capital the promoters' holding is around 68% Lanco's EPC Order Book stands at Rs.30,16 Corers (USD 6.77 billion). In a strategic move that move that provides increased fuel to protect its current power generating assets as well as future power portfolio expansions, Lanco through its step down Australian Subsidiary , Lanco Resources Australia , has acquired Griffin Coal Mining company and carpenter Mine Management . Griffin coal , based out of Collie in Australia , owns the greatest operational thermal coal mine In Western Australia ,producing over 4 mpta of coal that may be ramped approximately over 15 mpta inside the near term , post continuing development of evacuation infrastructure .Lanco has strategic global partnerships with top - near companies that include : Genting, Harbin, Ge Doosan, etc. Today, Lanco is just one of India's largest Power Traders within the private sector.